Document Management

Every organization can be represented by a continuous chain of agreements. Whether entrepreneurs are looking to create a new organization or to simplify an existing one, success depends on the efficient and transparent management of the five levels of agreements.
That is where Equa can help! We have created a platform to capture the essential agreements for any organization and secure them in a centralized location with the goal of creating a single source of truth. With security in mind, Equa offers end-to-end encryption during upload, and strict Permission-based Access to documents using private keys.

Beyond the storage of essential agreements, Equa provides every organization access to custom made documents including:
Operating Agreements
Transfer Agreements
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Equa Start saves time by auto-filling information into your agreements whenever possible. Additionally, Equa Start agreements are designed to work together to provide your organization with a sound foundation to achieve efficiency, simplicity and success.

Equa Actions

Equa is highly focused on innovating the way organizations manage important decisions. Historically, major decisions such as removing a board member, raising capital, or dissolving the organization have been recorded in the minutes of a board meeting as directed by the organization’s operating agreement. In today’s modern economy, owners are often scattered across the globe. The challenges in coordinating schedules can introduce friction to efficient organizational operations. That is where Equa Actions comes in.

Equa Actions solves this problem by linking an organization’s governing agreements to actionable items that can be sent as a notification; which then notifies each owner to consent or deny to the proposed action. When requests for an action are made within Equa, all information is captured in the organization’s history just as the minutes are recorded in a traditional board meeting. Additionally, any action that impacts the organization’s governing agreement will generate a newly amended document. The full historical record of all actions and amended documents is stored to provide a transparent, immutable, and easily accessible history of the organization’s governance. Actions is a fundamental component of creating the single source of truth for organizations.

use case

Consider an owner lives in different state from where their organization operates. If the owner decides to ratify their registered agent, then they would need to hire an attorney to draft the document indicating the requested change. That document will then need to be circulated to the other company owners for their signature to approve the amendment. Following this, the document needs to be sent back to the attorney for verification.

Attorney verification processes can cost several hundred dollars, and several days while documents are reviewed. Valuable time can be wasted while necessary signatures are collected. Owners can amend registered agents more efficiently. When they login to their account dashboard and edit agent registration documents, other owners receive a login notification. Once changes are reviewed, they can “digitally sign” the document. After signatures are collected and approved by all parties, the document is instantly amended and updated for all owners. Equa saves organizations hassle, time, and money creating Equanimity for our clients.

Cap Table

Every organization needs a ledger that displays who the owners are and how many shares they individually own. Unfortunately, as many organizations take on new owners, conduct capital raises, offer employee benefit packages, or buy back shares, the recording of each ownership transaction isn’t always accurate and is commonly captured on multiple spreadsheets in various locations. These discrepancies have significant ramifications which result in an organization needing to spend large amounts of time and money to hire accountants and attorneys to clean up the company’s cap table. Equa understands the critical nature of an accurate cap table, and therefore has built a cap table management tool.

Besides the need for a centralized location for essential documents, there are also advantages to having a single source of truth for the cap table. Our cap table management tool and transfer agent service ensure that every transfer of ownership be conducted within our platform. Therefore, keeping the management of all organizational operations within a single platform provides many advantages which translate into increased efficiency and reduced operational risk and costs.